General Questions

Oracle Cards are tools we can use to give us many things, including and not limited to: guidance, understanding, clarity, knowledge, wisdom & confidence. They harness the power of the Universe, the Divine, the Higher-Self, Angels, Mother Earth, whatever you believe in. Indeed, you don’t even need to believe in anything in particular for them to be effective, they just work!

By asking the cards questions about something specific in your life – maybe relationships, work & career, finances, health – the guidance they give may help you to make choices and decisions about any aspect of your life.  Giving clarity, understanding and often, the confidence you need to take the necessary action steps to move positively forward in your life, right now.

By having a reading with a Professional Oracle Card reader like Deb, together you will formulate a specific question to ask about a specific aspect of your life. You then draw the cards into what is known as a “Spread”, which is where each card will answer a particular aspect of the question you’ve asked.  All of the cards in a Spread will collectively give you a comprehensive insight into the situation you are exploring.  Ultimately, you will gain valuable perspective, understanding and information about your given situation.  Indeed by working with Deb, who utilizes her own specialised techniques gained with much experience, you will walk away with specific actions steps you can take today to make positive progress in your life.

Click HERE, choose the Reading you wish, then click the “Book Now’ button where you will be directed to the booking and payment pages to choose your Reading date and time.  All very quick and simple.

I help you to connect and focus in on what really matters in your life right now, to choose one goal to work with and to take action steps towards achieving it.  Let me help you to change your life for the better starting today. We can do this TOGETHER, I will hold your hand every step of the way.

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