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Choose from the following Readings to discover What Really Matters Now for you in your life today.

Let me help you to change your life for the better starting today. We can do this TOGETHER, I will hold your hand every step of the way.

Past Present Future Reading

15-20 Minutes £29

We look at what’s got you to today, the situation around you at present in detail and your immediate future, with various likely outcomes if you take certain actions.

What's Going On Reading

20-25 Minutes £35

Here we explore the foundation of your situation, the core energies and what has got you here, what is surrounding you at present and likely outcomes depending on how you choose to act.  Lastly we look at action steps you can take now, to help you moving positively forwards.

6 Month Reading

30-40 Minutes £52

For this Reading, you will receive clear, specific and effective actions steps you can take for each month, to guide you as you move forward positively and deliberately towards what matters to you in your life right now.  It’s all about having clarity and understanding precisely what you need to do to get you to where you want to be.

Quick Progress Report Reading

15-20 Minutes £29

This is a fun Reading where we can look at any specific question, situation, project or goal you may have.  We can check in each month to see what progress you have already made, what headway you are making right now and what you can anticipate in the immediate future if you continue on your present path.

Relationships Reading

20-25 Minutes £32

This Spread is ideal to use for all of your relationships: romantic, with your existing partner, lover, with your friends, boss, sibling or parent. Basically anyone you relate and interact with.

Money Reading

20-25 Minutes £32

This Reading explores your financial foundation, what money may be coming into your life, what opportunities you may want to investigate or even what projects will bring in new money.

Angelic Perspective Reading

30-40 Minutes £52

We explore who your Guardian Angel will be for the next six months, as well as look at specific issues you may wish to focus on for each specific month.

Messages from your Guides

30-40 Minutes £52

This is a wonderful Reading where we work with all of your guides:  your Higher Self, Heavenly Helpers, Mother Earth, your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and even your Future Self.  So very insightful and comprehensive in it’s guidance and wisdom.

12 Month Reading

60 Minutes £69

This Reading does what it says on the tin! We explore each of the next 12 months, sometimes using two decks of cards for extra clarity and understanding.

Achieving Your Goal

20-25 Minutes £32

This Reading will strengthen and confirm your choice of goal and give you confidence that you are spending your time and effort on the right tasks. You will walk away with specific action steps, to move you forward with your chosen goal.

What Really Matters now Explore Session

20-30 Minutes £52

This is a very exciting session, as together we explore what really matters to you now in your life.  It’s not a Reading, rather a mentoring session. You will come away knowing, without any shadow of a doubt, what’s the one most important thing you want to be working on right now.

I help you to connect and focus in on what really matters in your life right now, to choose one goal to work with and to take action steps towards achieving it.  Let me help you to change your life for the better starting today. We can do this TOGETHER, I will hold your hand every step of the way.

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